About Us

At Toke, we know that to succeed in the cannabis industry, you have to be unafraid of the challenges, but prepared for the realities. And we’re here to make the journey easier.

Our mission

Toke’s mission is to empower independent dispensary operators to thrive by enabling them to create an unparalleled experience for their customers, increase their revenue, and spend less time worrying about day-to-day operations.

We believe that everyone deserves access to a scalable, intuitive, and affordable solution so they can turn challenges into opportunities. From automated inventory management and a native e-commerce experience, to intelligent multi-location management and built-in regulatory protocols, we’re here to help ensure the long-term success of our dispensary partners.

Our Values

Driven by Our Customers’ Success

Every feature we plan and every update we make is designed to help dispensaries run their businesses with greater ease and better serve their customers. We value the relationship with our dispensary operators above all else—whether they’re opening their first or fourth dispensary, we’re there for them every step of the way.

Make the Hard Stuff Look Easy

Navigating the cannabis industry is no easy task—and we want to change that. We do the hard work to simplify complex processes and incorporate regulatory changes automatically, providing our customers with software that’s intuitive, intelligent and scalable. Our customers save time and money, while gaining the peace of mind they need to thrive.

Collaboration Makes a Good Idea Great

We build real solutions for the real problems that dispensary operators face. And we do it by speaking to our customers, ensuring we’re laser-focused on initiatives that directly address their needs. Whether it’s pain points or wish lists, we want to hear it all because we believe that working hand-in-hand with our customers is the only way to succeed.

Pursue Excellence Every Day

From designing elegant software to ensuring seamless onboarding, we take pride in everything we do. We understand that the security of our customers’ data and the need for a reliable platform with zero downtime is just the beginning—we’re fundamentally changing the expectation of software and customer experience in the cannabis industry.

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