Cannabis Point of Sale Software

Spark up a real POS Solution

Improve your dispensary experience with our cutting-edge POS solution tailored specifically for the cannabis industry.

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unified control

Upgrade your inventory management

Manage all inventory details from one place
View Metrc manifests and intake new inventory with Toke’s streamlined interface
Create, split and manage dispensary packages with ease
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Maintain regulatory compliance

Live syncing for inventory adjustments and transactions
Instantly identify discrepancies with Metrc if they arise
Quickly and easily adjust inventory to maintain compliance
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Optimize your inventory value

Quickly evaluate in-stock inventory value
Identify and act on expiring inventory for maximum profitability
Adjust inventory strategy based on actionable insights
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Customize and simplify your product labeling

Utilize Toke’s advanced data mapping to create configurable labels
Easily set preferences for label printing across all categories and scenarios
Meet state regulatory guidelines with ease
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go cashless

Boost your average cart size

Toke’s Point of Banking solution works with any debit card, making checkout a breeze
Proven to increase basket size by up to 25%
Reduce your cash on-hand and become eligible to earn revenue with every transaction
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Simplify your employee management

Utilize Toke’s budtender leaderboard to motivate and optimize upselling
Customize access to sensitive operations to ensure data security
Maintains tighter operational controls with optional Manager PIN
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Engaging rewards

Establish a custom loyalty program

Design loyalty offers with custom rewards and redemption requirements
Customize rewards by category, brand, product, day of the week, time of day, and more
Reward frequent shoppers and incentivize return visits
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custom offers

Tailor your offers with Toke

Personalize offers by customer group, discount type, and product category
Create dollar and percentage discounts, BOGOs, happy hour deals, and more     
Automatically apply valid offers at checkout for error-free transactions
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Online Order Management

Simplify your online order workflow

View, manage and fulfill online orders with Toke’s multi-channel order management hub
Review pick-up orders and ring up transactions with no manual entry to ensure order accuracy
Utilize Toke’s intuitive order queue to quickly fulfill third-party and native eCommerce orders in real-time
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Comprehensive Analytics

Make smarter decisions thanks to actionable insights

Digestible dashboards provide key performance metrics at-a-glance
In-depth inventory reports help to optimize purchasing and promotional strategies across all dispensary locations
Detailed logs and records ensure that your dispensary’s data is always at your fingertips
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