Cannabis Compliance Software

Compliance software for dispensaries

You don’t have to shuffle between Metrc, spreadsheets, and email to keep your compliance requirements in check. Track and manage everything—from audits and inventory control—with Toke.

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Validated Metrc Integration Partner

Import packages quickly leveraging Toke’s robust Metrc integration
Utilize Toke’s ComplianceLog to make occasional troubleshooting a breeze
Ensure your inventory and transactions stay compliant
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Manage compliance with confidence

Automatic alerts allow operators to address inventory discrepancies quickly
Easily adjust for moisture loss or spoilage in Toke with real-time updates in Metrc
Maintain up-to-date package alignment between Toke and Metrc
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Gain full transparency into your inventory

Track every package movement, adjustment, and transaction
Maintain a complete record of inventory-related events
Offer a transparent audit trail for every inventory item
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